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Building a foundation for a garden oven - Part 1

August 10, 2016
Idea to have a nice garden pizza oven were sit first already last year, together with the works we started shaping a form of our rural house, we recently inherited. Thus we had to wait for more than a year, before actually proceeding.  The other day, while the pond guys were finishing digging pond, I dug...

Taking the Chimney Down

June 07, 2016
This is a task we had, most probably, to do already a year ago, together with roof replacement, but trust me, last year's summer was one of the hardest, as the new home owners we didn't have much clue how to handle all those many things, the house asked us.  So it took about a year before we actually...

Repairing Old Brick Chimney

May 07, 2016
On April 20, 2016 we completely changed a top of our brick chimney at our rural country house. It was not planned actually to change all top of chimney, just to add two rows of bricks. Thus after a quick inspection it was clear - it's time to replace it all. Read how we lost a chimney in past: Replacing...

Replacing Roof - Part 3: Removing the old roofing (Losing Chimney)

February 15, 2016
Now, when you are familiar with part 1 and part 2, it's time to tell the third part on home remodeling series replacing roofing.  Today's roof replacing adventures were about the most dangerous so far (with happy ending). It all started in quiet August morning, when I get up earlier, to remove old roofing, so...