Cafe / Bistro Dukāts

Updated: 2 February, 2022 seen 57
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Cafe/bar/ bakery Dukāts is located in Dubulti, Jūrmala close to the Dubulti church

During 2018 we lived for a while next to the Dukāts and visited this place quite often to have a bistro style dinner or buying some delicious cake from the bakery. 

Compared to the other restaurants in Jūrmala, Dukāts has one of the lowest prices. Having dinner for two people for EUR 10 here is realistic. 

Meal at bistro Dukāts

A meal at bistro Dukāts

Typical Latvian cuisine served at bistro Dukāts. 

Once in Dubulti make sure to visit Dukāts!

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