Welcome to another post in series of Tbilisi restaurant reviews.

Today I will write about a lovely Cafe located on Marjanishvili square in Tbilisi which offers tasty wraps for a budget price. Meet Cafe Discovery.

I have been heading to this place for a  years already (It's a good indicator here in Georgia - if restaurant is in business for years - it's a pretty good restaurant or Cafe this time).

Reason I love this place - it's one of few in Tbilisi that makes wraps (tuna fish, salmon e.t.c). I love wrapps.

Entrance at Cafe Discovery

Frankly speaking I would call this place a boutique cafe instead of just cafe, the reason is simple - it's interior is crafted with tiny details and it's not to spacious, it's a tiny tiny place - so in  case you are in a large company of friends - there is possibly you won't get a free table here.

Outdoor terrace at Cafe Discovery

Best enjoyed in summertime

Sweets and fruits in a glass case

Well I believe you can order a freshly squired apple, orange, grape, banana or mixed juice here.

Speaking of sweets - haven't tried them here - can't comment.

Turkish Coffee at Cafe Discovery

Cappuccino at Cafe Discovery

Wraps with tuna filling

This wrap at Cafe Discovery costs GEL 5.50 ($2.5 / EUR  2.30)

Tulips at Cafe Discovery

The Bottom Line

Cafe Discovery is a budget friendly place which offers a really tasty wraps. I'm highly recommending this place.

Location & Map
Coordinates: 41.709111 44.797400