Marjanishvili square

Coffee Bar 'Entree' Review In Tbilisi (Agmashenebeli Avenue 86)

April 16, 2015
Entrée is a popular chain of coffee bars located in Tbilisi which serves great coffee, pastry, sweets and even bakes a bread. Today I will write about Entrée located on Agmashenebeli Avenue 86 (close to Marjanishvili square) in Tbilisi. As usual for taking photographs I'm using my Samsung phone and...

Cafe Discovery In Tbilisi Review

March 20, 2015
Welcome to another post in series of Tbilisi restaurant reviews.Today I will write about a lovely Cafe located on Marjanishvili square in Tbilisi which offers tasty wraps for a budget price. Meet Cafe Discovery.I have been heading to this place for a  years already (It's a good indicator here in Georgia - if...