Cranberries in Powdered Sugar

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Cranberries in powdered sugar are one of my favorite sweets from my childhood (sorry, Georgian churchela).

I remember in my childhood there were little nice cardboard boxes available for sale at local stores around my native Riga. It was always like a little celebration when my mom or grandma bought me some of those cardboard boxes with cranberries in powdered sugar and let me eat them 

For a very long time I didn't find them around, but at the start of 2000's they started to appear again on shop shelves. Anyhow - many more years later I got this treat again, in my kitchen - homemade cranberries in powdered sugar. I haven't touched the following recipe (just eaten a lot of cranberries in powdered sugar), thus photographed.


Frosted cranberries just from the fridge

We bought a large 2kg sack of them at the local East Point Shopping mall in Tbilisi (imported from France)

Cranberries in Powdered sugar

Cranberries in Powdered sugar

Add 1/4 cup powdered sugar into 1 cup water for a simple syrup. Soak cranberries in the sugar/water mixture until coated. Sprinkle white granulated or powdered sugar across a cookie sheet. Sprinkle white granulated or powdered sugar across a cookie sheet. See recipe: Sugared Cranberries

You can put them in preheated oven to make the process faster, but don't bake them. 

cranberries in powdered sugar

cranberries in powdered sugar


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