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Updated: 5 February, 2015 seen 2,749

Today by up keeping my Drupal powered blog I noticed I'm not using "follow me"  buttons just enough.

Well I had one Google+ follow me block displayed on right sidebar of my blog. But that's all, no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn.

The thing is - I'm not found of using some modules, just because of they offer something to achieve. In most case to achieve some functionality, after installing a module, you are not using 90% of rest what that modules requires you to install. As well modules add extra weight to your MySQL tables.

I'm trying to avoid additional module usage as much as I can.

Returning to up keeping my blog, and noticing that I'm not using follow me feature, I decided to make an exception - and installed a simple module - Social Media Links Block.

Drupal Social Media Links block

Drupal Social Media Links block

The reason I stocked with this module was simple - it didn't required me to install other additional modules, and it offers a simple and yet powerful (and extensible) way to list all your social accounts all together, and enable them as a Drupal block.

Of course - I could manually create those icons, add links, set URL targets - but it would be a little bit time consuming - to design icons, adjust HTML and CSS (I'm not against doing this).  I just wanted to achieve result fast enough.

And with help of this little module I achieved it pretty fast.

About Social Media Links block

The modules provides a configurable block that display links (icons) to your profiles on various popular networking sites.
With this module, a website can be quickly extended with a "Follow us" functionality. Or you make the block available for your site editors, and they can configure the social networks themselves.


  • Choose from various icon sets and different sizes
  • Support for Panels. Use multiple Social Media Links Blocks via Panels (only Drupal 7).
  • All settings can be made via the block ui (no other permissions to the user is required).
  • Add new social networks or icon sets (via hooks)

Current supported Social Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Google+


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