Experienced my second Earth Quake in Tbilisi

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On February 13, 2022, late evening for the second time in my life, I felt tremors of an earthquake and they happened in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. According to the sources the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.4 with the epicenter in Armenia.

My previous experience with earthquakes dates back to June 2014, when I experienced tremours from a 4.8 magnitudes strong earthquake.

We were watching a TV show, when the tremours started, the bed was shacking quite well. I bit panicked, ran to the child room and quickly thought how to evacuate in case of something serious, but couldn't figure nothing better than just to cover our child with my body. Luckly the tremours soon stopped, but I still felt concerned for a few more hours.

Earthquake with an epicenter on Georgian / Armenian border

M 5.4 - 19 km WSW of Metsavan, Armenia
2022-02-13 18:25:55 (UTC)41.160°N 44.001°E10.0 km depth

Stay safe and take into consideration - time by time - earthquakes happen in Georgia.