Experienced my first Earth Quake - Tbilisi

Today for the first time in my life I felt tremors of earth quake and it happened in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Nothing serious, as it's was announced in news - magnitude of this quake was 4.8. Although using other sources I found it was even 5.2.

My story will be as dumb as many other dumb stories you have heard, like  - I went to bath and then I noticed that water is swinging.

Indeed, my story is dumb - I laid back to take a nap and felt my bed is swinging. OK... at first I thought and continued to enjoy my nap. Then after few hours when again I was enjoying another great nap (Actually usually I don't take 2 naps in a day, I don't nap at all, but today 2 naps and two quakes) - and it happened again - my bed was swinging again.

And now I was sure - it's definitely was an earthquake.

I checked an online earthquake maps report and found this quake happened in the territory of Azerbaijan

Map reporting earthquake in the territory of Azerbaijan

M 5.2 - 9km NE of Zaqatala, Azerbaijan

2014-06-29 21:26:12 UTC+04:00
41.703°N 46.717°E

Here is a transcript of today's earthquake from Russian language media (newsgeorgia.ru)

4.8 magnitude earthquake recorded in Georgia on Sunday, June 29, at 21:26, Georgian media reports. 

The earthquake's epicentre - 13 kilometres north of the district centre Dedeplistskaro, nine kilometres from the village Karagadji. Reports of casualties or damages of buildings are not currently reported. 

Tremors were felt in the capital of Georgia. 

Dedoplistskaro municipality is part of the region of Kakheti in eastern Georgia.

It has been already more than 3 years I'm living in Georgia, and of course it's not the first earthquake happened here, there have been even cases when houses and even some regions are ruined after tremors of earthquakes. But this was the first earthquake I felt myself. Since it was nothing special - bed swinging, I even don't started to panic, but anyway I hope this was my first and last earthquake I felt.

List of earthquakes in Georgia

  Regions Affected Date Time Magnitude Intensity Epicenter Depth (km) Fatalities Source
1088 Tmogvi earthquake Tmogvi April 16 or 22   6.5 (est)   41.23°N 41.4°E   unknown  
1920 Gori earthquake Gori February 20, 1920   6.2 Ms   41.9°N 44.0°E 11 114  
1991 Racha earthquake Racha April 29, 1991 9:12 UTC 7.0 Ms   42.46°N 43.59°E 17 270  
2009 Georgia earthquake   September 8, 2009 22:41 UTC 6.0   42.65°N 43.43°E 15 none  

Stay safe and take in consideration - time by time - earthquakes happens in Georgia.

What is your experience with earthquakes? Have you experienced some? Were you in Tbilisi, or maybe in region of Kakheti, when this quake happened - can you report any updates?