Factory 27 is a kinda avant-garde restaurant located on Zandukeli street 27 in Tbilisi. European style cuisine is served here.

We have heard of it before on some local Facebook groups and many users called this place as must have / best of the kind in the city. So on a lovely Sunday's morning at the end of March we decided to head here and try it ourselves.

Our first problems arise  - we had no clue of precise location of this place. Sitting at the McDonald's on Rustaveli street I connected to Wi-Fi and started to search for directions. After I found it's location I entered coordinates and we started to walk. Walk was about 600 meters with pretty good climb starting from McDonald's. The strange thing happened - my GPS showed - you have missed already that location, but we didn't see any sing of restaurant yet.

So we were standing on a corner of some street and tried to figure out what just happened? Should I blame Google Maps? After some 15 minutes of just wondering we finally found that place some 50 meters back... it was located one level under street level (you can recognize that place just by graffiti's on wall - see pictures bellow).

Turns out - Factory 27 indeed is of the best in town, I was so impressed of this place I could resist to photograph it. Result? See bellow:

Graffiti on Factory 27 Restaurant Wall

Cosy inside yard at Factory 27

Menu at this restaurant

Menu here is availiable both in Georgian and English

Colourful chairs at Factory 27

Yard at Factory 27

Yard at Factory 27

At restaurant Factory 27

At restaurant Factory 27

Graffiti on walls

Bar counter

Inside interior at Factory 27

A chef in work

Cappuccino at this restaurant

Cutlery in the jar

I must admit simple and elegant

Cream mushroom soup with blue cheese

Damn it was very well prepared, I'm not affraid saying - best cream soup I have tried in Tbilisi

Bruchettes served with olives

Avocado salads with blue cheese

Ideal taste combination, perfect performace

Avocado salads with blue cheese

Quesadilla with chicken

Again another masterpiece from Factory 27

Chocolate panacotta at Factory 27

Well - I wouldn't call this a panacotta at all, instead some chocolate cream, when I told to waitress - hey it's not a panacotta she just replied - and so, everybody likes it, nobody complains!

I was not complaining it tasted delicious, but I still insisted it's chocolate cream not panacotta. After then I found - yes there is a variation of panacota - a chocalte panacota, so probably waitress was right.

Speaking of visuals - well that was completely wrong - just take a look at above picture.

Factory 27 Logo

New York Poster at Factory 27 restaurant

The Bottom Line

Factory 27 indeed is one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi where I have ordered and really enjoyed my meal. It's a bit pricey compared to other restaurants, for all above seen food we paid around 60 GEL ($27.00 / EUR 25.00). Personal here speaks very good English. Interior as I mentioned at start of this post is pretty much avant-garde. 

Without doubt - Factory 27 is a restaurant you definitely should visit when in Tbilisi.

Location & Map
27 Zandukeli Street Georgia
Coordinates: 41.704356 44.784371