Average Monthly Salary in Georgia in 2024


In the first quarter of 2024, the average nominal monthly salary in Georgia was 1,943.4 GEL. This figure includes income tax, meaning the net salary (take-home pay) is 20% less.Compared to the same period last year, there was an increase of 226.8 GEL, or 13.2%. However, this is a decrease of 101 GEL compared to the fourth quarter of the previous…

27 places, hotels & restaurants in Georgia we discovered in 2022


In this article, I've listed 27 awesome places (including hotels and restaurants) to visit in Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi, Gori, Bakuriani, Rustavi, Racha i, and more. These are the places I actually visited and discovered for the first (Well most of them) back in 2022. From the impressive Gori Fortress to fine french cuisine in Tbilisi

Eagle canyon in Georgia


The bear went over the mountain .. or last weekend we went hiking at the Eagle Canyon near Dedoplistskaro, Shopping at the Dezerteer market in Tbilisi, and exercising at Lisi Lake... another fabulous weekend has been put on our tapes and post-processed. Enjoy the video and thumbs up!

Gori Fortress


Gori Fortress is a medieval citadel in Georgia, situated above the city of Gori on a rocky hill. I've visited Gori several times, and several times have seens this impressive fortress, once I even made a nice photography with impressive warrior statues in the footsteps of the fortress, see: Gori Fortress & Memorial of Georgian Warrior Heroes…

36 Reasons to Visit Georgia and Tbilisi


In this article, I've listed 36 awesome places to visit in Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, and more. These are the places I've actually visited and discovered for the first (Well most of them) back in 2021. From abandoned Russian airfields in the Georgian desert to 5-star hotels in Batumi.  Meeting new life-long friends in the middle of…

The Grand Documentary of 2021


From more than 235 GB of footage (1409 short clips per year), I was able to produce about 48 minutes long documentary.  As every year - the documentary is made in a style of a home video, filmed with a DSLR camera, DJI Mavic drone and since April I've replaced the DSLR camera with a mobile phone. Which IMHO gives a much better result having both A…

The Grand Documentary of 2020


From more than 111 GB of footage (1295 short clips per year), I was able to produce about 1 hour 30 minutes long documentary As every year - documentary, a home video style, filmed with a DSLR camera, and since July, the novelty is the drone The length of the film is determined by its main character - Rene. The first injuries, the first garden (…

The Grand Documentary of 2019


Almost 38.8 GB (676 clips short clips per year) footage resulted in almost 2 hours of film. (1h 56 m). As every year - documentary cinema - in the style of home video, but we have thought about your vestibular aparatus - trying to avoid the tremors of the hands and the desire to work with and around the zoom as much as possible (undoubtedly, the…

Eagle Canyon / Gorge


Eagle Canyon also Eagle Gorge or Artsivi Gorge is located close to the town of Dedoplitskaro in Georgia. The natural monument represents a unique complex consisting of two sites. The first one is a limestone rock canyon, while the other is an adjacent forested area, where the Khornabuji fortress was built (V c). I first discovered this great…

Big Shiraki Abandoned Soviet Airfield in Georgia


If you are into military heritage or have some interest in Soviet history - Big Shiraki airfield in the Georgian dessert (steppe) might be an interesting object to visit in Georgia. I had not a single idea there even exsit such place here in Georgia, but at the astart of June, during a Vashlovani trip, a German friend took us to this place. Not…