In this article I'm going to show how one (perhaps you) can prepare a gingerbread dough at home. 


You will need: butter, flour, eggs, salt&sugar, malt, spices

It all starts with butter


Since I'm living in Georgia - most of the ingredients used in this recipe are local Georgian




It's better if you have a brown sugar. We didn't find any brown sugar so we used a regular white sugar.


We bought this Malt about a year ago at local Carrefour store, as we knew - this day will come


Cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, nutmeg


You will need: coffee mills, a grater

a vintage coffee mill - Straume

"Straume" coffee mills - used to be a Soviet flagship - in has to be in every household


You will need a grater to grate a peel (oranges/mandarins)


Basically it all comes down to melt a butter, brown a sugar, add a flour, stir well, ad some spices and malt and of course the kneading of dough.

Melt a butter, brown a sugar

Add a malt

Add a flour

Don't forget to stir well

Finally -  when you feel consistence of dough is ready you should knead it

Gingerbread man

Put your gingerbread dough in a foil and store it in your fridge for couple of days.

Huh - that was a long photo post, right - the funny thing, to write about food is super complicated, if honest I learned a lot of new words in English. to knead a dough, for example.

So here comes the short version:

  • Pour into a pot a malt and sugar, bring up to the boil. Add half of flour, add spices, stir with wooded spoon until the dough separates from pot.
  • Add scrambled egg and rest of the flour.