Fresh Portakalada and Donner somewhere near Kandanos in Crete

Updated: 19 January, 2022 seen 73

There are times Google Maps doesn't help (in fact there are dozen of such times) - this time Google Maps street view didn't help either - after about 6 months since we returned from Crete, I'm still postprocessing a lot of photos, reviewing places (tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants).

It was in the morning, we left Palaiochóra and headed towards Heraklion in our rental car. 

Somewhere near Kandanos we found this lovely roadside cafeteria serving Donner and Portokalada (I mistakenly thought it will be freshly squeezed orange juice, but it turned out local lemonade)

Portakalada lemonade in Crete

Portakalada lemonade in Crete

Additionally ordered some Donner



Sadly I cannot remember the place name and can't find this place on Google maps to add a pin.

The Bottom Line

I love roadside cafeterias, and this one was another great place for a quick meal. Our bill here ~ EUR 10