3 Weeks in Crete (Complete Itinerary list)

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This is a round-up post for our 3 weeks trip to Crete, Grece in June 2017, listing most of the places (tourism objects, hotels, restaurants, and more)

In short, we fled from Tbilisi via Athens to Chania, see About Tbilisi - Athens - Chania (Greece) flight by Aegean Airlines,  spent some 8 hours in Athens, and arrived at Chania international airport from where our Cretan trip started.

From the airport, we took a public bus (the price was cheap, some  EUR 2 per person, or something). 

Once we arrived at the Chania bus station we found our apartment we had prebooked already in Georgia, and it was some 5-minute walking distance from the bus station. 

In the evening we went out to have some Cretan-style dinner, and I made some lovely night photography in Chania. 

The next morning we decided to head to the nearby town of Agia Marina and caught a taxi at Chania bus station which to us to the hotel in Agia Marina for EUR 8 

We spent the next couple of days in Agia Marina, laying on the beaches, dining in the nearby town of Platanias, and sometimes driving to Chania town for some shopping.

On the third or fourth day in Agia Marina, we took a rental car and started exploring the Island of Crete, making stops at places like Kalydonia, Kissamos, Balos Beach, Kaliviani. In the evening we booked a 4-star hotel in Palaichora and took the wrong road to discover we have taken an offroad, see: Crazy, Stupid, Love - Tranquil Rough Adventures in Crete. Luckily we found the right road, after all, though we arrived very late at the hotel.

From Palaichora we continued our route back to the Stavros (which is located next to the Chania) with a few stops at small villages like Kandanos. At Stavros, we booked a hotel and stayed for a couple of days. From Stavros, we continued our route to Triopetra. 

From here on our route took us to the Heraklion, Rethymno, and surprisingly back to Agia Marina.

The fun fact from this trip - it turned out, we had 5 more days to spend in Crete (we discovered this just before heading to the airport, as it turned out we mismatched the flight dates - so yes 5 extra days in Crete were amazing)