Get Insights into Your Site Visitors' Engagement with the Click Heat Map for Drupal

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Have you ever wondered where your website visitors are clicking on your pages? Knowing this information can help you make important design decisions, such as where to place ads for maximum impact. That's where the Click Heat Map for Drupal comes in!

To get started, you'll need to download both the ClickHeat module and library. Simply extract the module to the sites/all/modules directory and the library to the sites/all/libraries directory.

Next, follow the simple installation instructions:

  1. Download the latest ClickHeat release from
  2. Extract the library and place it in the sites/all/libraries directory. The click.php file should be located at sites/all/libraries/clickheat/click.php.
  3. Make sure the server has write access to the sites/all/libraries/clickheat/config, cache, and logs directories.
  4. Enable the module and configure it at admin/config/system/click_heatmap.
  5. Grant the 'ignore click_heatmap clicks' permission to the roles you want to exclude from the heatmaps (usually administrators).

And that's it! With the Click Heat Map for Drupal, you'll have a better understanding of your site visitor's behavior and be able to make informed design decisions