Goodwill Gori Higway

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Goodwill near Gori - Tbilisi Highway is a convenient rest area/supermarket/ eatery while driving to Tbilisi (from Kutaisi or Batumi, for example)

Goodwill was one of the first supermarket chains in Georgia. I wouldn't call this store a supermarket in the classic sense, as mostly here are sold long-lasting food items, though there is a stand for fresh products, like milk, eggs and so on).

We keep stopping here, to buy some milk, coffee or Pringles chips and to take some coffee, when returning back from trips to Tbilisi

Goodwill near Gori - Tbilisi higway

Goodwill near Gori - Tbilisi highway

There is also located Socar gas station

On the opposite side of the highway (driving from Tbilisi), there is a Wendy's store

42.016748, 44.025757