Google Authorship for Drupal

Updated: Google seems doesn't takes into consideration Google Authorship markup

I have been many times heard that adding Google Authorship tag to your website will help you in terms of SEO. So I decided to add Google Authorship tag to my blog and observe results.

What is Google Authorship?

Good for authors like you

  • Distinguish and validate your content in search results.
  • Get more followers on Google+.
  • Help readers discover your other content on the web.

Good for the web

  • Help users find high quality content on the web.
  • Empower them to engage with content authors through Google+.

How it looks like in the Google Search?

How to add Google Authorship to Drupal?

Simple, I used a module available on Drupal: Google Authorship

What's next?

I will use Google Webmaster tools to examine does it really helps in terms of SEO. My understanding for now is that Google Authorship might help improve click through rate, because of your picture next to your post, but maybe, just maybe it might put your content higher in SERP results. It's pretty easy to monitor changes. I will take a data from my Webmaster panel available for time period May 3 - June 2, and calculate existing CTR.

Doing simple math I can calculate what is my CTR in SERP: 907X100/24865 = 3.65. My actual CTR from SERP for now is about 3.65%.

If it will improve dramatically in future, yes, then Google Authorship is cool thing.

I will give you some update regarding Google Authorship's impact on SEO after one month.

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