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CTR Changes After Google Has Removed Photo and Circle Count From its Search Results

August 16, 2014
For long time SEO's were opting in for Google+ profile, Google Authorship and racing to gain more followers on Google's social network Google Plus, that was motivated simple - Google Authority with photos helps rank better and gives higher CTR.I had a luck to test those features for less than a month - I implemented...

CTR changes with and without Google Authorship

July 07, 2014
Google recently did a  switch how it serves its search results - this time Google removed photos and circle count from search results. Google used to served photos and displayed circle count info for those authors who had verified their Google Authorship.The switch happened around June 26Th, 2014. And some...

Google Authorship for Drupal

June 02, 2014
Updated: Google seems doesn't takes into consideration Google Authorship markup I have been many times heard that adding Google Authorship tag to your website will help you in terms of SEO. So I decided to add Google Authorship tag to my blog and observe results. What is Google Authorship? Good for authors...