Grading Soil Around Foundation

Updated: 22 February, 2017 seen 112

I could probably come up with an article How to grade soil around foundation, but I'm not an expert on this topic.

In today's home remodeling series I will show with images how I leveled soil around foundations using just two tools - a shovel and a rake.

Technically speaking, here is what you should know about grading soil around foundation:

Proper grading around the foundation of your home keeps many potential issues at bay. Without the right grade, water collects at the base, causing erosion, foundation cracks, mold and unhealthy vegetation. To ensure a proper grade, slope any landscape additions away from the base of the structure, so water flows farther out into the yard.

Let's start with what we got:

Newly poured foundation

Newly poured foundation

After intensive couple of last weeks, major foundation works are done, with even one wall been constructed (in the background)

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Grading soil around foundation

Grading soil around foundation

After couple of hours work was done. It was originally planed to build a nice outdoor deck (summer terrace) at this part of house this summer, but unfortunately the terrace works have been postponed to the Summer of 2017.

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Grading soil around foundation

Grading soil around foundation

Can't wait for the Summer of 2017 to construct a summer terrace here. 


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