Happy Kids Saldus

Updated: 23 January, 2022 seen 193

Happy Kids Saldus is a cool kid's amusement park in the town of Saldus, Latvia.

I first read about in on a local Latvian Daily Business newspaper, and soon as I had the chance took our baby girl to play here.

Amusement park "Happy Kids" at the Saldus bypass road has created a place to celebrate children's parties and other holidays.

Happy Kids indoor ammusement park in Saldus

Happy Kids indoor amusement park in Saldus

We visited this park on March 2020, back then the entrance fee was like EUR3/h per kid or EUR 5 for 2 hours. 

Popular party place for kids parties in the area

Popular party place for kids parties in the area

Playground for the little ones (toddlers)

Playground for the little ones (toddlers)

The Bottom Line

Now there is one more cool place to visit once in Latvia.


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