High Yield Dividend Stock Buy Ideas: AWP, FGB, DHY

Updated: 10 May, 2018 seen 240

I still haven't opened a decent discount stock broker for buying US stocks (I have been in talks of opening a broker account at Lynx Broker), while in the middle of the process, I decided to investigate some high yield dividend stocks in the US.

There are dozens of great dividend income blogs, I love to read their monthly dividend income reports and of course, compare my self to others. Just google - "+month dividend income report" and you will be amazed finding a ton of great reading.

Some bloggers are high net individuals while others are not. One interesting blog I have been following for about a year is John from DividendQuest.com, by reading John's monthly dividend income reports I noticed he is investing in high yield REIT's, with a dividend yield ranging 7-11%. Now, this is some serious yield, but sure it's more risk as well. What was more surprising (at least for me). John has in his portfolio stocks paying dividends monthly. Wow, I  thought. DividendQuest.com inspired me, and without hiding, I admit I took following stocks from John's portfolio - AWP, FGB, and DHY.

My plan is simple - after I will open an account with a discount broker I'm planning to put $1,500 to purchase these shares. With yields ranging from 9.13% (DHY) up to 11.67% (FGB), such small $1,500 investment should add about 10% annual yield, giving about $150 in dividends, or average $12.5 monthly.

Now $12.5 monthly is what I'm looking for right now. With high yielding US stocks paying dividends monthly I could really boost the lower end income months in my current portfolio (March, August, November).

Also, these 3 stocks could add up to my goal reaching $300 per month in May 2019 dividends. For right now, my projected May 2019 earnings stands at USD 127.62., by adding $12.5 it would mean $140.12. Still short of $160, but let's leave that for another article.

The Bottom Line

High yielding US stocks apparently will be my next addition to my portfolio, after peer to peer lending, Baltic stocks, and cryptocurrencies,