How to automatically add watermarks to uploaded images in Drupal

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Drupal is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage websites with ease. One of the features that make Drupal popular among users is its flexibility and extensibility. Drupal's module system allows users to add functionalities to their websites, including automatic watermarking of uploaded images.

If you are making photos and publicizing them to the internet - sooner or later you will find that you want to protect them somehow.

Protect yourself from people stealing your artwork and re-publishing pictures in other places. One way to protect images is to add watermarks. Well, it doesn't mean someone still won't steal your pictures, but at least your watermark will be on. 

I have found one solution in Drupal 7, using the ImageCache action module:

As you can see on picture above - I have added simple watermark on bottom right corner. And it's done with Drupal Image Cache actions module.

  • Download ImageCache actions module
  • Extract to sites/all/modules
  • Enable Imagecache Canvas Actions

Now go to your image style settings (admin/config/media/image-styles) and add new or edit existing image style.

Here you can see I have added new Effect Overlay (watermark) and added image on that.

You can use some photo editing software to create your image to add on image, or you can use your existing logo, for example. I created simple .png transparent file with text on that, and rotated it 90°

Image Cache actions give you some options for where to place a watermark. I have chosen to place it bottom right. 

I would call this a foolproof solution, to protect your images. The negative aspect is that, if you are familiar with Drupal file upload path settings you can easily take the original image, which came without a watermark. On the other hand, I guess you can use some permissions, to disallow users to access original files. Not sure, right now.

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