How to Check Motherboard Model on Windows 10

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Recently I ordered goodies for my first 12 GPU mining rig, including the motherboard. As I have got a few other PC's I decided to explore, are they optimal for GPU mining, for doing that, I had to learn the motherboard model and version.

Luckily, there is a simple command line to run from CMD. 

Open up the command prompt in Windows via either the run dialog (Windows+R) or by searching for “cmd” on the Start menu. At the command line, type the following text (noting that there are no spaces between the modifiers—just commas), and then hit Enter:

wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

Command Prompt

Command Prompt

The information returned checks out for the motherboard we’re using: the Manufacturer is ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC , the board is the X550MD, the serial number is BSN12345678901234567 and the version 1.0. Well I did this test on my Asus notebook, on which I'm not actually planning to add any GPU cards