How To Disable / Enable Windows 10 Update

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Windows 10 updates might get annoying, and though they are much needed and it's not recommended to turn them off, in this article I will show one easy method how to disable and later enable Windows Update.

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How to Disable Windows 10 Update

Understand the limitations of this method. While disabling the automatic update service will temporarily halt any Windows 10 cumulative updates, the service will re-enable itself after a certain amount of time. Here are the directions:

1. Press the Windows logo key + R at the same time to invoke the Run box.

2. Type services.msc and press Enter.


3. Scroll down to Windows Update, and double-click it.

Windows Update

4. In Startup type, select Disabled. Then click Apply and OK to save the settings.


To enable windows update, repeat the steps above and in startup mode chose Manual