How To Display Username In URL For Drupal Site

Updated: 2 September, 2015 seen 1,359

I know for some experienced Drupal developers such question might sound bizarre, because  -'s a piece of cake..

I have been subscribed to the LinkedIn Drupal group and exactly such question arise here:

hey guys is there any way to display username in URL when user logged in like example

was asked by one of the group members

I added my solution for this question on that post already and I decided to share it on my blog as well since other Drupal users might ask such question as well.

Solution: How to display username in URL

At first you will need to have pathauto module to be enabled on your Drupal site and all the other required modules - (Path, Token). Once you have installed a pathauto module go to the File Path section (admin/config/search/path/patterns) scroll down until User Paths and in blank field enter: [user:name] 

Drupal User Paths

Drupal User Paths

Dont forget to save your configuration and then bulk update your existing path.

Hope this explains how to add username in Drupal URL.

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