How To Register Hotel / Guest House on

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Registering your hotel, guest house, apartment, Bed & Breakfast, vacation home or hostel is really easy and shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes.

Best you can start online and register now

Disclosure: this article contains links to, by clicking on links on this page and by registering your property on I will earn an affiliate income, at no cost to you. Last, but not least, if you will sign up with my affiliate link - first 5 bookings via will be commission free.

Register property on

Register property on

Here’s how is helping you feel confident welcoming guests:

  • Your place, your rules – Pick your prices, policies, and rules for guests
  • got your back – Access to 24/7 support and guest misconduct reporting
  • Find your perfect match – Set requirements and criteria guests need to fulfill

How works for rental owners?

Open and close your property when you want gives you the freedom to open or close your property on our site whenever you want. With no lock-in contracts, you're in control of your property. don't charge guests don't add anything on to the price. Unlike other platforms that usually charge guests, the price you set is the price display.

You control your availability

Only accept guests during the summer or maybe just weekends, at you decide when you want guests.

Use alongside other platforms

Using along with your other relationships isn't a problem! With a simple calendar, you can manage your availability parallel to your existing relationships.

How much I will make with listing my property on

Pricing structure on is based on the idea that the price you set is what guests pay. don't add anything on top – this way, you can price your property competitively and welcome more guests.

In general, takes in commission 15% from every booking, the commission varies by city, region, and country. 

Use this earning potential calculator to find out how much you could make:

Earnings potential calculator

Earnings potential calculator

other perks

  • 24/7 support by phone or email with real people
  • Strong search engine presence for more bookings
  • Advice and analytics to increase performance

Tools to help you manage your properties

Make bulk changes to all properties or a select group in your portfolio. Find the right guests for your properties by setting house rules and requirements that need to be met. See an overview of your entire portfolio through the group Extranet; Understand how your business is doing with the comprehensive analytics tools extranet extranet

What happens if my property is damaged by a guest?

Property owners can request damage deposits from guests. Deposits help cover any potential damage caused by a guest, offering some reassurance that your property will be treated respectfully. If anything goes wrong, it can be reported to our team through our misconduct reporting feature.

What will happen after I sign up?

After you’ve registered your property, will review your information to make sure we have everything we need. Then you’ll receive an email with login details for your Extranet. This is where you’ll go to update your availability and prices. After that, you’ll receive instructions on how to set your property live on!

Signup now and enjoy first 5 bookings from commission-free.