Setting my first affiliate goal

I'm new to affiliate marketing and I'm new to affiliate marketing. Although I have been using affiliate marketing for more than one year already - I haven't made much of it. But that doesn't mean this affiliate marketing program sucks. That means - my affiliate marketing tactics sucks. And I have decided to change that. To make changes we must change our behaviour. It so simple. If I want to succeed with affiliate marketing - I must define some goals at first.

I could now write down - how I plan to get 80K in a year from - but I wont do that. That doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy to make 80k with, what it means - I'm to small to make such a money in such a short time. Instead I will write how I plan to send my first 50 visitors in a month to site.

Yes, that's right -

My first affiliate goal is to send 50 visitors to it in one month.

I'm not talking right now for any actual bookings, I'm talking to drive traffic to my site(s) to drive traffic to

Why my goal is so modest?

As I already mentioned at start of this post - I have been using affiliate program for more than one year already, and actually I do have some bookings made from it. But in past 12 month - there has been no month when it would be 50 sent visitors to site.

Actually the most visitors I have sent to in one month is 31 and it happened in December 2013. Unfortunately there didn't happen any booking and my earnings equals 0 in that month. But I have made my commissions from affiliate program by sending less than 30 visitors.

Conversation rates

That said - I have no clue, what could be possible conversation rates from 50 sent visitors to, but according to my inner feeling and previous experience, conversation rates might be around 3% in It doesn't mean that I will have 1.5% rate from my 50 sent visitors to It's just approximate measurement.

I will speak more about conversation rates after I will fulfil my first goal on Booking affiliate marketing.

I agree, for some might seen very pathetic goal to send 50 visitors to other affiliate site, but for me - who never ever before has sent 50 visitors to any affiliate site - this is actually huge goal.


Some time ago  - I did setup my first Google Adsense Goal - to reach $40.00 in a month. In last month I did recieve just a little more than $16.00 in earnings from Google Adsense. At the time I set my Adsense Goal, I was earning about $6-$7 per month. Right now - I feel a little bit sad - I made such a "high goal" - although in overall - my traffic is growing and I hope to reach $40.00 in a month any time soon (it might take some 6 more months - again - it depends)

Speaking of my goal to reach 50 sent visitors to - I hope to fulfil this goal this month (july) or next month. I have started to work with content providing valuable information about hotels and I'm starting to receive some bits of traffic, that leads me to think - that goal 50 sent visitor to, although a pathetic, however is a huge goal for me - could happen any time soon.

In conclusion

If you are just like me are a newbie to affiliate marketing or you have started new travel site - set yourself smaller, but achievable goals, don't set your first goal to earn 80K in a year. Work on your site, provide more valuable travel/hotel related content, get more traffic and you will be able to reach your smaller goals as I hope to achieve mines. 


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