How To Withdraw PayPal to Bank Account in Georgia

Updated: 6 October, 2020 seen 992

Withdrawing funds from PayPal to a local bank account is a popular question in many countries, including Georgia.

As recently I had to renew my VISA card here in Georgia (Bank of Georgia) I decided to test - can I actually withdraw funds from Paypal to Bank account in Georgia.

Opening Bank Account in Georgia - Bank of Georgia

Turns out I can. And it is done at blazing speeds. Funds were transferred in seconds, Awesome.

For the test purposes, I decided to transfer $40 from my PayPal balance to my Georgian bank account. 

the transfer took about 3 seconds and cost $5. 

Not sure will the speed be as fast for larger amounts, say $1,000 also not sure about commission for larger amounts, but hey it works.

Remember, you need a VISA card, not MASTERCARD. VISA card cost about GEL 150 for two years, see:

Opening Bank Account in Georgia - Bank of Georgia