HP ProBook 450 G5 (2RS04EA) Laptop Review

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At the end of 2018 I got a new laptop - HP ProBook 450 G5 - in today's gadget review article series I will write down my humble observations. In short - gosh it feels so good owning a ProBook from HP.

I bought this laptop at local ALTA OK store in Tbilisi, Georgia, just shortly before Christmas shopping craze in December 2018. Paid about USD 750 for this model. The sales price for Intel Core i5 8GB HP ProBook 450 G5 on Amazon is about $770. 

This laptop will retire my older Asus X552M Laptop. That said, after about a 3-year pause, while using ASUS manufactured laptop, I'm returning back to HP laptops. For about 8 years I was using the HP Compaq 6510b model, I loved that model so much that even replaced broken hinges. The fun thing, despite that the older HP Compaq 6510b is now more than 12 years old, it still works. Amazing. That's why I really love HP laptops.  They just last like forever.

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HP ProBook 450 G5 unpacked

HP ProBook 450 G5 unpacked

My HP ProBook comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and Full HF (1920 pixels) screen resolution. 

Intel Core i5 laptops are a great and cheaper alternative to the more pricey Intel Core i7 laptops. Intel Core i5 laptops are popular among gaming laptop and business laptop users. Creative graphic designers, video animators, and photographers will enjoy these laptops as well

Now, this was the reason I chose to stick with Intel Core i5, as it costs about $150 less than Intel Core i7 model. As I have been using a much cheaper AMD processor-powered laptop in the past. Intel Core i5 seemed just the logical move. Paying little less, but tot sanctifying performance.

HP ProBook 450 G5

HP ProBook 450 G5

Full-featured, thin, and light, the HP ProBook 450 lets professionals stay productive in the office and on the go. Stylish design, linear precision, and subtle curvature plus optional Quad Core2 performance and long battery life make this ProBook essential for today’s workforce.

Ideal for professionals in corporate settings or small to medium businesses, wanting an affordable combination of innovation, essential security and multimedia capabilities

HP ProBooks are available with optional 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i33 or 8th Gen Core™ i5/i7 Quad Core™ processors2 and optional NVIDIA® GeForce® discrete graphics.

The HP ProBook 450 delivers stylish design to every business. An ultraslim chassis in a refined new natural silver finish includes a keyboard deck made of durable premium stamped aluminum.

Quickly transition to desktop productivity with a single cable that supports docking via USB-C™ which allows you to connect multiple external displays4, a power source, and a gigabit network connection through optional docks. Experience vivid audio engagement and an easy conferencing experience with the Skype for Business™ Certified HP ProBook 450 with HP Audio Boost, HP Noise Cancellation.

HP ProBook 450 G5

HP ProBook 450 G5 

What I really like about this laptop, I can upgrade it relatively cheap to 16GB RAM. But even now, out of the box, 8GB RAM gives excellent results while post-processing photography in Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or rendering HD video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The battery on average last about 6 hours.