Il tredicesimo apostolo (The Thirteenth Apostle) TV series

A long time has passed since I wrote about the TV series I watch - it could mean just one - I watch them less. Well, that doesn't mean I'm not watching any more TV series at all. I'm!

So - here comes one interesting TV series from Italy - Il tredicesimo apostolo (The Thirteenth Apostle) is an Italian television series produced in 2012. Directed by Alexis Sweet.

In short, the plot revolves around a young priest named Gabriel, who is a professor of theology. In collaboration with the psychologist Claudia, he has been researching the mystical phenomena.

I wouldn't call this a super masterpiece, taking into account that in every tense episode there is thunder and rain behind the window, but in overall, this is pretty the same, something from Dan Brown archives :)

Episode from TV series

Episode from TV series

Starring: Con Claudio Gioe’, Claudia Pandolfi, Luigi Diberti, Chiara Nicola, Glenn Blackhall, Yorgo Voyagis, Stefano Pesce, Tony Bertorelli e Tommaso Ragno

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