Inject Block In Drupal 7 Node With Block Inject module

I was looking for options to inject Google Adsense ads into my Drupal blog. There are a few modules and tactics available. But today I found an excellent module - Block Inject.

The Block Inject module allows for regions to be created and injected in the middle of chosen node types.

You can create any number of regions to inject as well as select as many node types you would like these regions to be injected in. The blocks you assign to these regions will then appear in the middle of the body field of these node types if the number of paragraphs is bigger than 2.

Download it here: Block Inject

Here is an example of injected Google Adsense into the middle of content:

I tried to install the latest dev version, but that broke things up, so I stayed with the alpha version.

Update: You might try the latest version now (This module have been updated on May 23, 2015)

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