Investment Opportunity in Georgia - Fish Farming & Agro Tourism

Updated: 20 April, 2017 seen 520

The other morning I was contacted by acquaintance informing about interesting investment opportunity in Georgia. Investment opportunity involves fish farming and possible agro tourism.

As this investment asks more than $300,000 and is out of my knowledge, I decided to "list" it on blog as blog is getting a lot of eyeballs regarding invest in Georgia.

Here is the proposal:

This package is to find interested investors for 350,000 USD for a 49% share in the project. The entire farm and project is as of today on a fire-sale of sorts for about 200 000 USD for 100% ownership of 41 Ha (the original purchase price of the land in 2012) near to Sagarejo, Georgia plus all the information, research, data and project planning we as developers has or ever had.

The land was evaluated by Pro Credit bank at 400 000 USD and the entire project much more. As can be seen from the projections it is very profitable, the current owner and investors just don’t have money to do it. Some of the information is not relevant anymore but the land and the project is still valid.

There are 2 main possible project directions - “cheap protein to the masses in bulk” idea which would require 350,000-400,000 USD to start up and be self sustaining.

The other being specialist carp production for a very specific target market, those projection would look much different.

The farm is also very suitable for Agro-Tourism including but not limited to commercial carp angling, accommodation in the heart of the wine lands of Georgia and monster carp fishing.

Qualified investors please contact me either using contact form or by sending e-mail to to get more information.