Khobi Central Park

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Khobi is a small town in western Georgia with a population of 4,242. The settlement of Khobi acquired the status of a town in 1981 and currently functions as an administrative center of the Khobi District within the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.

I first visited this small town at the end of September 2023, during a few-day trip to Svaneti, we made a stop at what seems a central square of the city, found a nice cafe, and enjoyed some light breakfast/dinner. 

There is an impressive mural located on the city hall building and there is an interesting monument, a central element of the square. A little bit further there is an actual central park of Khobi, which seemed nice, equipped with some labyrinths for kids e.t.c

Monument in front of Khobi city hall

It seems the palce has been renovated and opened for the public back in 2019:

Up to 1 million GEL have been spent on the construction of the central park.The project was supported by the regional development projects fund and local budget. The next stage envisages rehabilitation of culture house, a square in front and a surrounding area.

Aerial view of Khobi

It looks there is a stadium located behind the park and further away there is Rioni river. Beatiful views. Beutiful city.

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