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Kiwi is a vegan non-profit community cafe located on Vertskli street 41, in Tbilisi Old Town. It is stated that all of their proceedings are donated to good causes related to animal rights. Kiwi provides a free social meeting space for organizations who are working for important change in the society, events can be arranged.

Kiwi vegan cafe is the second socially responsible cafe I have found so far in Tbilisi (I don't search for them specially, they just pops in front of me). See Art Cafe Kamara - a social enterprise art cafe which employs rehabilitated persons from different addicts

That was on sunny February afternoon, I decided to head to the Old Town to capture photo of the day (See: 365 days photo project) after all I ended up with a Piece of Life story about Tbilisi - Pearl of Caucasus. I ended my that days wanderings in some side streets (where I actually haven't been before) and noticed Kiwi cafe.

Kiwi cafe located on Verchli street

Kiwi cafe located on Verchli street

Since I have heard of this place before I decided to go in.

Inside cafe

Inside cafe

Since this is a vegan cafe, and I'm not a vegan I decided to stick with something neutral and ordered just espresso (thus I asked for simplest Turkish coffee, they didn't had this time). I was a bit surprised for a relatively high price for that espresso - 3 GEL. Such places usually associates with cheaper prices. Anyway I enjoyed my espresso. Noticed there is a corner in cafe  - a book exchange club, and there was a stand selling some hippy bracelets. Some young Russian girl entered and ordered a smoothie. 

Kiwi vegan cafe in Tbilisi

Kiwi vegan cafe in Tbilisi

I noticed each chair was in different shape. The bartender told me, that all furniture in this place is voluntarily donated by its visitors, for a second I thought - gosh, they want to take my coach, but then I realized - yeah, vegans are a strange folks. No offense! 

Here is what Kiwi Cafe is saying about themselves on their Facebook page:

We're a vegan non-profit community café, we opened July 4th 2015. Our aim with this café is to promote vegan food, to provide an alternative for people who chose to not eat and use products from animals for animal rights, environmental or health reasons and to inspire and inform people who are curious about vegan food. All our proceeds are donated to good causes related to animal rights. We also provide a free social meeting space where you or your organization who are working for important change in the society, can arrange events, info, education, workshops and such. It's free of charge, no need to buy anything. Your work does not have to be related to veganism. Please contact us for more info.  Many people have participated in creating our place, practically and financially. We are very grateful for all help!

Visit Kiwi vegan cafe Facebook page


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