Art Cafe Kamara

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Art Cafe Kamara is a social enterprise art cafe which employs rehabilitated persons from different addicts, at least I was told so when first visited this place.

Funded by the Swiss Government, this social enterprise art cafe is located at the foothills of Tbilisi Botanical garden in the Old Town.

Art cafe Kamara

Art cafe Kamara

Being uninformed about this places social activities, we at start thought - just another art cafe, which wont survive long. But since we were off for a cup of Turkish coffee,  it was a great chance to get in, get some coffee and take a look on new artists trying to do business (or something like that)

So we went in - I asked to the bartender - so, tell me please, what this place is all about what you are doing and so on. The person replied - This is a Swiss government funded project for former drug addicts by employing them. 

Hmm.. I thought - that's actually changes the way I look on this place. We ordered some Turkish coffee and agreed to order a breakfast omelet as well (thus it was already an afternoon)

Swiss Confederation and International Organization for Migration Mission to Georgia funded Social Enterprise Art Cafe

I'm not the NGO type of person, and I don''t have actually much clue what they are doing, but such project seems a good project. 

Omelet at Kamara art cafe

Omelet at Kamara art cafe

The Bottom Line

It's hard to give an objective review or opinion of this place, because that social thing ads a burden before giving the final verdict. Omelet was good and tasty, coffee too. Prices seemed a little bit too high, but when your thoughts are occupied with social responsibly and you feel you want give a hope, inspiration for people working here, you actually don't pay much attention to prices or the way persons works here. 

Otherwise - Art cafe Kamara is just as regular as all the rest Tbilisi cafes. You can find out more about Art cafe Kamara on Facebook

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