List of Georgian laboratories offering to make a test (Paid) to diagnose COVID-19

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Colin (form a parent's group here in Tbilisi) shared a link to the spreadsheet containing a list of Georgian laboratories offering to make a test to diagnose COVID-19. 

The list was published on the website and contains the medical facilities name, and address, the original list also contains the e-mail of the facility (to avoid spambots harvesting the e-mail list here, I'm pasting info without e-mails)

I don't have exact info, but for the test, we have to pay (at least in September 2020) - according to different sources some should expect to pay GEL 120 - 200 for a test to Diagnose Covid-19

There are medical facilities in several cities of Georgia, including - Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Ozurgeti

I believe there is a chance to call for a test to be done at home (expect to pay a higher price)

Source: List of Georgian laboratories offering to make a test to diagnose COVID-19



  • The First University Clinic – Tbilisi, 4 Gudamakari Street
  • Aversi Clinic – Tbilisi, 27b Vazha Pshavela Ave
  • NeoLab – Tbilisi, 47 Tashkenti Street
  • New Hospitals – Tbilisi, 12 Krtsanisi Street
  • Cito Medical Center – Tbilisi, 40 Paliashvili Street
  • Center of Molecular Diagnostics – Tbilisi, 11 Lubliana Street
  • Megalab – Tbilisi, 23 Kavtaradze Street 
  • Georgian AIDS and Clinical Immunology Research Center – Tbilisi, 16 Al. Kazbegi Ave
  • Med Diagnostics – Tbilisi, 78 Beliashvili Street
  • National Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease – Tbilisi, 8 Adjara Street /50 Maruashvili Street 
  • Medical World (laboratory) - Tbilisi, 11 Mirian Mepe Street
  • State Laboratory of Agriculture – Tbilisi, 49 V. Godziashvili Street
  • National Laboratory of Genetics – Tbilisi, David Agmashenebeli Alley #240


  • Family Medicine Center of Settlement Tamari – Batumi, 4 Tbeti Street
  • Batumi Regional Center of Infectious Pathology, Aids and Tuberculosis – 11 J. Katamadze Street
  • Mardaleishvili Medical Centre – Rustavi, 12 Gagarini Street


  • Mixta LTD – Kutaisi, 27 Rustaveli Avenue 
  • State Laboratory of Agriculture – Kutaisi,  5 Nikea III Lane



  • Zugdidi Municipal Hospital of Infectious Diseases. Zugdidi, Village Onaria



  • Biomedica Georgia - Ozurgeti, 22 D. Eristavi Street

See original Google Spreadsheet