Mad Murphy's Irish Pub in Tallinn

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Mad Murphy's Irish Pub is located in Tallinn very close to city's town square on Mundi street 2. If you are up to for a Nightlife in Tallinn, make sure you visit this pub,

I visited this pub back in Summer of 2015, during our short two days trip to celebrate my thirty birthday, shortly we were checked in at our hotel (Read my review here: St. Olav Hotel in Tallinn) we decided to explore our lively neighborhood, and it was a very lively. It was a warm August evening. 

Mad Murphy's Irish pub in Tallinn

Mad Murphy's Irish pub in Tallinn

I'm not that kind of person who loves to spend his time in bars and pubs, but... what happens in Tallinn, stays in Tallinn. Mad Murphy's pub was a very interesting experience - It was a Saturday's night, live Irish music was performed on stage, we are standing at bar desk enjoying our God knows what cocktails - vodka, beer e.t.c. when we notice something strange - we are the only ones in the pub who actually moves in the rhythms of Irish folk music.Estonians stay cool, the most Estonian public affords - to click fingertips while sitting still at their desks. 

Cheers mate

Cheers mate is not an acceptable tip in Estonia

Some strong black Estonian beer

Some strong black Estonian beer

The Bottom Line

Mad Murphy's Irish pub in Tallinn is pretty tourist friendly, prices for drinks are not huge, and best of all they have a live music (at least in weekends).

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