Welcome to another series of Tbilisi restaurants, in this post I will speak about a restaurant 'Maspindzelo' located close to Tbilisi Sulphur baths. I first visited this restaurant just back in last summer, my visit here this time here was just a second time. 

Actually we were heading to another restaurant - a newly opened Accent restaurant, but we had a wrong coordinates of it's address an as it turned out we were staying next to 'Maspindelo' - Since I was a pretty hungry - I insisted - let's have a meal here, and lets find that other restaurant some other day.

Entrance doors at Maspindzelo Restaurant


I first pre ordered a typical Georgian food - Nadugi - it's a cottage cheese wrapped in Georgian Sulguni cheese. I must admit at this time of year (winter season) - they didn't taste so great - sulguni was a really salty.

A Glass of Georgian White Wine

A Long list of menu in Russian (they have English and Georgian as well)

I must admit - the longer the list, the harder to choose

A Chvishtari

Another Georgian food - A chivshtari is a corn fluor scone filled with sulguni cheese

A cup of Turkish Coffee

Grilled pork ribs served with French Fries in a hot Adjika sauce

I must admit - French fries with grilled ribs probably is not the best choice - I would call this a tourist meal - rather a typical Georgian cuisine.

Baked Chicken Liver

The Bottom Line

In overall restaurant Maspindzelo serves great Georgian cuisine in a tourist sauce, and it's no surprise, it's located close to major Tbilisi tourist attractions (Sulphur baths, Tbilisi Old Town, you name it)

Prices are pretty budget friendly - for all above seen food we spent around GEL 50 ($22 / EUR 20). 

Just an ordinary place visiting which you wont regret your choice.

Location & Map
Gorgasali street 7 Georgia
Coordinates: 41.689207 44.811025