Georgian cuisine

Art Cafe Qartuli in Khashuri / The Georgian


Ar Cafe Qartuli also called The Georgian is a lovely roadside restaurant near the town of Khashuri (located next to Khashuri - Borjomi highway) which serves typical Georgian cuisine. The pricing is quite affordable, the cuisine is delicious and the interior is nice. When traveling form Tbilisi to Borjomi, I highly recomend to take a stop here, just after finished the Khashuri circle. they have it all - khinkali, khachapuri, badrijaani, even fish. Tastes just amazing. Next time when travleing…

Khedi Restaurant Tbilisi


In today's article, I am excited to announce the resumption of my restaurant reviews series, with a special focus on Tbilisi restaurants. I recently discovered a trendy restaurant called Khedi on Ketevan Samebuli avenue, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you. On a rainy day in early April, my partner and I were searching for a decent dining place near the Tbilisi sea but were unable to find anything in the area. My partner suggested we consult her WhatsApp chat groups, where some…

How to Make Traditional Georgian Khinkali: From Dough to Delicious


Just made my first batch of khinkali and it turned out to be a delightful culinary adventure! I got creative with the fillings and tried out some unique combinations like banana, salmon, cheese and of course, some more traditional flavors. The result was a delicious burst of flavors that I can't wait to share with my friends and family. Who knew that making khinkali could be so much fun? Khinkali is a traditional Georgian dumpling that has been enjoyed for centuries. These flavorful and juicy…

Salty Garden Tavern in Mlashe


Salty Garden Tavern is an awesome place located in Mlashe village, some 60 km from the nation's capital Tbilisi near the Bazaleti lake We discovered this place at the end of May 2021 and were surprised to learn that the owner of the tavern - David speaks some Latvian. Mlashe village Our mission is to support the development of our village Mlashe, protection of its ecosystem. Salty Garden provides working places to local people, therefore they won’t leave the village in search of the other…

Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli


Restaurant Natakhtris Veli is located in the Natakhtari village, accessible when driving from Tbilisi via Mtskheta to Gudauri.  This place serves typical Georgian cuisine. Cozy atmosphere, fast service, friendly staff. Actually a pretty touristic place, but despite that, no rip off here.  Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli Located next to the Mtksheta- Gudauri highway. You can park your car in front of the restaurant. Meal at Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli

11 Katkha Tbilisi Restaurant on Nikoloz Baratashvili street


11 Katkha has been my favorite Georgian cuisine Tbilisi restaurant for years, for a long time I loved to visit 11 Katkha restaurant near Dinamo stadium, sadly one-day I learned that Dinamo stadium branch is closed. From my understanding 11 Katkha is a restaurant chain, as soon I found another branch in Saburtalo. I've been heading to Saburtalo for about a year, just to enjoy the best katmis mcvadi in town. Now, huge was my surprise discovering 11 Katha restaurant opened in the city center (…

Metis Tbilisi Restaurant Review


Metis is a French-Georgian fusion restaurant bar offering a twist of exotic flavor, centrally located in Tbilisi Old Town (Shavteli street 8). Seems that this Tbilisi restaurant has opened just recently (Summer of 2017), but it already has gained popularity among local Georgia expat audience.  It was on a sunny Saturday afternoon after we finished some photo shooting at Sameba cathedral (see: Panoramic Photography From Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral) we decided to visit exactly Metis. So we…

Bulachauri restaurant


Bulachauri restaurant probably is the restaurant I have visited the most - unfortunately I have never paid attention to the name of this place - I always know, that's that restaurant we always take meals when hiring our driver for trips to region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti. Probably this is our driver's most favorite dining place.  I wanted to change this and ad this restaurant to the blog - so last time I visited this place I paid very much attention to remember the name of this place- here you go…

Gujari Restaurant Museum in Mtskheta


Gujari restaurant - museum is another absolutely brilliant restaurant I have lately discovered. Located in the historical and picturesque town of Mtskheta, some 20 km from nation's capital Tbilisi. Discovered again - by accident - after just wandering around town of Mtksheta, After visiting Svetitskhoveli cathedral I decided it would be great to walk around Mtskheta and find some non-touristic places. And wuola - instead of tourist attractions - another great restaurant. Giraffe at Gujari…

Sergos Duqani restaurant in Akhaltsikhe


Sergos Duqani is a lovely restaurant in Akhaltsikhe, serving traditional Georgian cuisine. Located just in the footsteps of Rabati Fortress complex. We first discovered and met lovely owners of this place, when stayed in hotel in Rabati (Hotel Rabath & Gino Wellness) and were looking for some local place to have dinner. Frankly speaking sashlik served here is among the best I have ever tried in Georgia (and price for them are ridiculously low  - about 6 lari per skewer.) Segos Duqani…