Monadire Dedoplis Tskaro Restaurant

Updated: 27 January, 2022 seen 75

Monadire is a small roadside restaurant located in the town of Dedoplis Tskaro, we made a stop here at the end of June during our explorations in the area.

The places look bit abandoned or not well maintained, but despite first looks - the place is quite good. They may not have all ingredients on-site, but they will figure it out to go to the nearby hop to buy missing ingredients.

As we learned-  Monadire means hunter. The places serve typical Georgian cuisine. 

Ostri and salads

Despite the overall feeling was that the place is bit abandoned and we were the only guests, the meal was good

Monadire restaurant in Dedoplis Tsaro

The Bottom Line

Our total bill around GEL 40, we paid in cash.