My Online Income Report - November 2014

<p>This is already my 11 online income report. I'm making an income report each month covering earnings I have made solely in internet and in general with my blog.</p><p>Those reports keeps me track were I'm, were I was and were I'm heading to. I hope they can inspire some as well.</p><h2>About online income November 2014</h2><ul><li>In total I <strong>earned $704.00</strong> , what is a 392.96% increase if compared to <a href="">prev… month ($142.81)</a></li><li>$704.00 makes average <strong>$23.46 in a day</strong></li></ul><p>In brief - this November was a goldmine, it beat all previous best results and totalled in pretty serious $704.00. Well for some it might not sound a very serious amount of earned capital, but for me - this has been the best month so far.</p><p>It has been achieved by using two custom channels - Google Adsense and Amazon affiliates program - I will not get in details how each of the channels earned, I will just note that vast majority comes from Amazon affiliates.</p><p>Speaking of second (Amazon affiliates) - previous month was pretty slow, and combined brought me in $142.00, then I said following words:</p><blockquote><p><span>Obliviously I started to wonder -&nbsp;</span><strong>why does income this month is lower</strong><span>&nbsp;- and if honest I didn't find a good explanation. I have just one assumption -&nbsp;</span><strong>October was a slow month for retail sales</strong><span>, why? Have no idea!&nbsp;</span><em>Maybe in October people have less money to spend?</em></p></blockquote><p>I'm not sure does mentioned words describes reality, but I ended my October's report with following words:</p><blockquote><p>Will it change this month? &nbsp;- at least I hope so.<strong>&nbsp;It's holiday season, and if done right, this should be a gold miner.</strong></p></blockquote><p><strong>And it was a gold miner!</strong></p><p>Let me explain:</p><p>November is a month before holiday season and at the end of November was <strong>Black Friday</strong>, which was followed by <strong>Cyber Monday</strong> (Well Cyber Monday was actually at start of December) - and the last week of November made me most income. <strong>I would say that Black Friday generated me around 50% of total income.</strong></p><p>Personally I'm not very satisfied of such results - because it's rather seasonal than regular. It's good to have that amount to be earned, but it's a bit to be worried about - &nbsp;half of that be earned in one day. Which means sales on others days didn't perform well.</p><p>So if you are focusing on seasonal sales - you might find disappointing drop after.</p><p>On the other hand I didn't use much tactics to promote specially Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals (I used some, but not very much) - Vast majority of sales happened thanks to overall collective thinking of sales (At least I believe so).</p><h2>In conclusion</h2><p>At this part I'm making my forecast/goal for next month. Taking into account that holiday season has just started, and I can see data for first 2 days of December (Which already are pretty impressive) I will forecast about $600 in month of December, though I believe it can crack $1000 this month.</p><p>Things that makes me worried are following months after December. So I guess it's best time to figure out how to keep online income report steady for 2015.</p>