Notes from Tbilisi - Crypto Club, Learning Spanish, Could Bitcoin crash $25,000

Yesterday I visited the crypto club event at Local Tbilisi. Met a bunch of smart guys, mostly expats, was fun to watch bitcoin love/hate talks, listened to stories about investing in alt-coins. Been there, and seen that. 

As you might already know - I'm neutral on crypto, neither bullish nor bearish. Prefer to trade Bitcoin futures.

With a smile, listened to the crypto talks about where should bitcoin go next, some saying bitcoin will have support at $20,000 some said at $18,000. nevertheless, most of the crypto enthusiasts didn't care about the bitcoin price dropping, as seems they are hodlers or not investing in Bitcoin at all but in some altcoins. 

Belgian guy made a lot of sense, saying bitcoin is open source, vs the rest are just commercial pump and dumps. Makes sense to me.

Too many talks about some Luna coin, which crashed during our meeting. It seemed that most of the crypto enthusiasts believe in crypto taking over the world by storm. Anyhow, I left the meeting with some food for thought. 

Today we had our first Spanish lesson for a kiddo with teacher Eva (Latvian in Tbilisi), she has worked at QSI school some 6 years ago. Really good find. After the first lesson, we learned to count to 10, el perro, el gato and a few verbs. Awesome. Cant wait for our trip to Spanish speaking country anytime soon.

Bitcoin kept falling through the roof and dropped to $25,300 (at one moment it seemed it dropped under $25,000 in intraday trading, but cannot find anymore confirmation)

Bitcoin at $25,000
Bitcoin at $25,000

My Bitcoin futures trading account is literally bleeding, and I keep adding more funds to avoid forced liquidation.

if there is a thing I've learned while trading - leverage, leverage, leverage

As long as you are not trading futures with leverage I wouldn't be worried too much - but would buy a few satoshis to beef up long-term bitcoin holdings.

On the other hand, if you were smart enough and entered short positions before the big dip - high five as I'm very proud of you. There are always ways to make money with Bitcoin. 

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