Osteria de Luca Italian Restaurant in Vilnius

Osteria de Luca is an Italian restaurant located in the Old town of Vilnius, Lithuania.

During my latest visit here in August 2016, they served delicious Italian cuisine, I tried a wrapped pizza - intrigue and amazing. I got the feelings they have taken all the best ingredients straight from the Italy.

I love Italian cuisine, and especially pizzas, once my better part and me, we visited Italy especially for Pizza tourism, gosh we tried so many Osteria's, prosciutto's and of course Pizza's. I made a lot of Italian restaurant reviews back then. Restaurant Antica Drogheria in Lucca, Italy near the leaning tower of Pisa is among my favorite Italian restaurant by now.

Osteria de Luca in Vilnius doesn't inferior from those Italian Osteria' s in Italy.

Now, being in Lithuania, I was not eager for Italian cuisine, instead I was in the search for an authentic Lithuanian cuisine, surprisingly but I didn't find any place in Old Town. Chinese, Italian - they are literally zillions in Vilnius. Strange, right?

Wrapped Italian Pizza

Wrapped Italian Pizza

Let me forgive Italians and Georgians,but I tried such interpretation of Pizza for the first time - It reminded me famous Georgian hachapuri on Spit topped with delicious prosciutto. Awesome. 

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