This is a roundup post listing places from our latest trip to Italy at the end of 2015 / start 2016. The idea to visit Italy born in our Tbilisi apartment's kitchen, when I was preparing another homemade pizza, I was flattening pizza dough with rolling pin, when my beloved told me - hey, let's go to Italy.

And so we did. After about a month we were sitting on a plane. We hadn't special plans or ideas what to visit. We just drove around.

I did a lot of photography, as I was eager to apply my newly developed photographer skills. Italy definitely is a photographer's paradise.  

Our total cost for this trip was about EUR 2,500, we stayed at decent hotels, drove a rental car and ate at fancy Italian restaurants (osterias). Thus we managed to spend half of that in our trip to Spain, I don't regret not a euro cent spent here.