Postcards from Pāvilosta

In today's Piece of Life photo series - Postcards from Pāvilosta. I made an article about Pāvilosta and Pāvilosta's lighthouse a while ago. This time we headed to Pāvilosta in company of five after we celebrated Summer Solstice.

 I was equipped with a tripod and I already knew - I will catch a sunset today

Pāvilosta piers

Much of the Pāvilosta history and foundation is related to harbor here - Information(link is external) about the history of Pavilosta dates back to the period of Duke Jekabs (1642-1682) when ships could enter the Saka River and Pavilosta served as Aizputes harbor. This harbor was used to export wood, grain and other products to various other harbors in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Trade agreements with Danish merchants were especially prosperous. 

Pāvilosta beach

It might sound a little bit overstated, but allow me to say - Latvians have their own Portofino (hmm, should we call it part of Latvian Riviera?)

Catching Sun Set at Pāvilosta