In The Searches For El Torcal - Wilderness in Spain

In the searches for el Torcal is a story worth to mention and complement with amazing (IMHO) travel photography - say - Wilderness of Spain

Earlier today I practiced for the first time as a bird photographer, see Flamingo Lagoon near Fuente de Piedra in Spain, while searching for flamingos, we marked another tourism object to visit today - El Torcal de Antequera, mainly important because of possible great photography of rocks. 

We checked in at amazing hotel in a olive grove, which turned out to be just some 12km from El Torcal. Right, after a quick shower - let's drive there.

In short - instead of 12 km we drive about 60km. Instead of comfortable highways we used some unpaved roads. Did we did it special? Nope! We got lost. This time we had a TomTom device, and it just fooled us. Gas was running low. It was getting dark already. Sounds tragic? Actually it was pretty scary. Lost somewhere in wilderness. On the other hand - that's one of the most tremendous memories we have.

And some amazing photography. Piece of Life after all!

Rural areas of Spain

Some form of hay stack in the above picture. 

Goatherd and goats

What's different in Spain and Georgia. Actually nothing much. See: Wilderness in Georgia

In the footsteps of El Torcal

​We are almost there - I will publish an article about El Torcal soon, but that's already another story!