Pindi Restaurant New Delhi

  • Our visit to Pindi Restaurant was a delightful culmination of a day exploring Delhi, particularly after our visit to the iconic Jama Masjid. The culinary journey began with an exquisite Indian fish curry that captured my taste buds, complemented perfectly by the flavorsome garlic naan.
  • Gratitude to our tour guide for introducing us to Pindi Restaurant, where I not only savored delectable Indian and Chinese cuisines but also discovered my new favorite Indian beer - Kingfisher. The restaurant provided an unforgettable dining experience, and the total bill of 6,000 Indian Rupees was a small price to pay for such a remarkable culinary adventure.

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Pindi Restaurant is located on 16 Pandara Road Market, New Delhi, India. 

We came here together with our tour guide in Delhi after visiting Jama Masjid of Delhi. Exactly at this place I fell in love with tasty Indian fish curry and garlic naan.

Pindi Restaurant in Delhi

I'm very thankful to our tour guide for taking us here, as this was our first dinning expierience in India and turned out magnificent.

Here I also found my favorite Indian beer - KingFisher

Kingfisher beer in India

We tried tasty Indian cuisine and some Chinese cuisine. Amazing. 

Pindi restaurant in Delhi
 Trully amazing expierience with trully delicious food. Our total bill about 6,000 Indian Rupees. 

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