Planing a trip to Greece: How to get a Prepaid SIM Card with Internet

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I traveled to Greece for about 2 weeks in June 2017, our final destination was island of Crete. One of the reasons I was looking for prepaid sim card in Greece is simple - for navigation (Google maps helps a lot).

From my previous experience with dealing with different sim cards in multiple European countries I already knew, it shouldn't be a problem to get one in Greece.

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I planned to purchase whatever operators SIm card with broad coverage at Athens airport. Unfortunately when there I forgot to do that, and bought one after a couple of hours near Acropolis metro station from a guy selling Vodafone Sim Cards (just for the information, there was another guy selling WIND sim-cards)

I paid EUR 15 and got sim card (actually two, though never used second one) with 10GB internet limit on it. For a savvy tech guy like me 10GB is not much, but as I was on vacation and only reason I was looking for a sim card with internet was just for navigation 10GB is more than enough. Most hotels in Greece offers high speed Wi-Fi.

The SIM card guy from Vodafone took a picture with his phone of my passport, set up an agreement and less than in 15 minutes I was all setup. 

Now, the first stress test for mobile internet in Greece I set in Crete, during my stay there I cannot complain about coverage at all, as most of the times it was a 4G internet. 

I really like the fact that Vodafone Greece can be topped up using Paypal from a single either mobile webpage or application.

About Vodafone Greece

Vodafone Greece is a member of Vodafone Group Plc, one of the world’s leaders in telecommunications, with a strong presence in the country’s mobile, fixed and internet market. As a visionary and expert telecommunications provider, Vodafone continues to invest in digital infrastructure, credibly support the needs of its consumers and business customers, and actively contribute to the country’s economic and social development. In its 23 years of operation in Greece, Vodafone has been driving the market forward and contributing to innovation, having invested more than 1.5 billion euros in the last seven years.