Planting an Apple Tree (Doch Melbi / Daughter Melbi / Дочь Мелбы)

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Recently I introduced my dear readers with Edward The Brush cutter, today allow me to introduce you with a new sort of an apple tree we planted in our rural house as part of home remodeling works.

Meet Doch Melbi / Daughter Melbi or Дочь Мелбы (In Russian). Bought at Kuldīga market from the tree nursery Bētras (Latvia).

Digging a hole for planting an apple tree

Digging a hole for planting an apple tree

Planted at the end of April 2016.

Daughter Melba

Daughter Melbi

About Daughter Melbi (Дочь Мелбы)

  • Vigorous tree. Starts fruiting in 3-4 years. High resistance to frost. Resistance to scab - medium. Yield, early appearance of fruit variety.
  • Ripening time - mid-August
  • Weight 100-130gr fruit. Yellowish-white surface with bright striped blush
  • Storing 1 month
  • Flesh is white, juicy, flavorful medium density. Excellent sweet-sour taste