Edward The Brushcutter AW-BC620TH Trimmer

Updated: 12 May, 2016 seen 584

Meet Edward, our newest team member to help us out in our home remodeling works. I first met Edward at local DEPO DIY store in Liepāja, Latvia. The sales person wanted me to buy  a Jasper, as Jasper was listed just under EUR 100. In my mind I had allocated about EUR 400 for a new brush cutter / trimmer purchase and I asked to the salesperson can he show me something more powerful than Jasper?

I was introduced with many never heard brand names before, when Edward popped up. Sales guy told me - hey take a look on Edward! I asked who the hell is Edward? Ahh - you know, some Chinese guy, but really great guy. Edward  AW-BC620TH was listed for EUR 220, but owners of DEPO loyalty card could own it just for EUR 189. I took a look on Edward's technical capability, enjoyed that it features both string and knife nozzle and it runs on petrol. So I opted for Edward after some 10 minute wondering around Jaspers, Hetchs and other never  before heard brand names.

There were still few formalities to pass, before acquiring Edward, like to get other buyer and ask his DEPO loyalty card to be swiped at cashier desk before mine purchase to acquire that huge but trust me, fake discount.

And here you go - Edward  AW-BC620TH the brushcutter / trimmer

Edward fresh just from the shop

I decided to unwrap Edward just in the middle of it's new working field - the grass.

Edward unpacked 

It consists from few essential parts - an engine, stem, protecting device, trimming nozzle and few more. It took me about two hours to get Edward right. Thus instruction was provided, there were some unclear sections for me, after all I figured it out and Edward was ready for work.

Edward ready to work

Author of this blog captured in action - trimming grass

The fight with grass has turned to be personal already, see how I started this fight using a scythe about a year ago.

Now, huge was my surpirse when in evening I tried to find some reviews of this model - the brand name Edward never popped up, I was able to find this model by its serial number AW-BC620TH in some Russian and Belarus online stores listed under Grasshopper brand.  And for much less money. In Russian sites it costs about EUR 110, while in Belarus about EUR 140. It just confirms my theory about all those locality cards - they are scam.

But I'm not complaining and hope Edward will please us for years to come. I will keep you updated.