Potential Business Partner Search In Republic Of Georgia

During my blogging career I have received several messages on my blog's contact form asking for advice for potential business partner search in Tbilisi or Georgia.

Well I only feel flattered and honored that I have been noticed and contacted (seems a major role is played here thanks to my posts in Living in Georgia category).

I haven't searched for potential business partners here in Georgia (though I have been doing some business here). Currently  I'm open for a propositions from travel companies willing to serve incoming tourists in Georgia. Contact me for more details. 

I remember my first experience finding a new prospects in Tbilisi (I wasn't looking for partners - I was looking for customers - so I believe it was my core mistake. Partner could bring more than a customer) it all started of paying a visit to local trade show at Expo Georgia.

Author of this blog searching for business partners in Georgia back in April 2011

It was fun, I was just returned from a skiing adventures in Gudauri, it was like my fourth day in Georgia and here I was, sitting at Expo Georgia.

Back in those days I was eager to build a tourism website and was looking for advertisers on it. My initial business failed.

Trade shows and fairs

Best starting point should be Expo Georgia - this is a thing I actually learnt in Georgia - Fairs and Trade shows are one of the best ways of networking and new prospect finding. You are left with two options - either buy a stand or booth at Expo Georgia and represent your company and / or products, either visit such trade show and talk with those standing other side of stand/booth.

I have done only second option (though there had been  times I have thought to represent myself at the stand) My favorite expo fair probably is Caucasus Tourism Fair. Read: Caucasus Tourism Fair 2014 

Another great way of networking is by visiting local charity fairs. Read: Christmas Charity Winter Fair in Tbilisi Sheraton Hotel

Government delegations

Another interesting option I have used here in Georgia - I have participated into official business delegation. Read: Georgian - Latvian Business Forum 

Commercial Chambers

Well - next you could contact some Commercial Chambers here in Georgia, I haven't dealt with them, but I have heard of AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia).

Yellow Pages

Common practice here in Georgia is to use Yellow Pages and call to prospects directly, personally I'm a person hating to make a deals over a phone, but on the other hand I'm not a salesperson either. I believe you can hire a local company to handle those phone conversations in place of you. 

Useful websites when searching for business partners in Georgia

Is there a way I can help you?

Well if you are looking for a Drupal Website development - sure thing, contact me by using contact form.

If you are looking for translation and interpretation services I can recommend company I'm working for Caucasus Translations.   

If you would like just to chat with me or buy me a beer in some of the local Tbilisi restaurants, please feel free to contact me.